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Mobile Money Item "Purchase"

Most times, people wish to save money towards a goal like buying a piece of land, a chicken, goat or a cow. However many other needs come up along the way and they use that money to meet those needs especially if they are unbanked. The idea would be to create a menu list of several items on the Mobile Money platform with an estimate cost per item depending on the market price/value, or with the opportunity for the MM user to input an item and the cost. The MM user would then choose to "purchase" that item. In essence, they wouldn’t literary purchase that item by paying money out, but if they put money on their MM account and choose to “purchase” the item, money will be deducted and saved somewhere on their MM account towards the purchase of that item. They would then be able to see how much they have saved or paid for the item, and the balance to be paid. Once they have fully “purchased” the item, they can have access to their savings for the item, withdraw the money and go and pay for the cow or bicycle.

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Gilbert Agaba Byarugaba
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