Grameen Foundation AppLab in Action


Working with Qualcomm, Grameen Foundation launched its second AppLab initiative, AppLab Indonesia, in April 2009 to develop microfranchise-based livelihoods programs to support microentrepreneurs. The programs build on the local Village Phone network that was established in 2007 and draws on the success and lessons learned from our first initiative in Uganda. Our partner, Bakrie Telecom, provides crucial marketing and distribution support.

In the first phase, we are conducting research to better understand information needs and assess the landscape of applications and services that already exist in the Indonesian market. With this base of knowledge, the team will develop, test and implement applications that have the potential to improve lives and livelihoods through access to information.

AppLab in Indonesia will also explore the expanded capabilities offered by 3G technologies, which can provide a wider array of services than more basic technologies. 3G offers a richer user experience and has the potential to reduce the learning curves associated with using mobile applications to access key information services.

Because of successes so far, AppLab Indonesia won the 2011 Global Telecoms Award for Best Mobile Application Innovation.