The idea:

Customized company MM wallet for farmers

A MM product that allows farmer to ‘commit’ to a certain product/sale, to an agricultural buyer /company [company X.] Company X establishes a ‘wallet’ with MTN; When Company X makes agreement with farmer on amount of produce, known quality – and price of sale - farmers sign up for a Company X wallet. The sale amount is put or posted in the wallet; this can be the choice of the company: Ex] • the amount can be ‘pending’ – it should give the farmer the feelin that the $$ is there in the account, they just can’t access it /withdraw it. o Function: keeps farmer thinking about this amount and may prevent farmer from sideselling for easy cash • company X can advance some portion of the $$ o Function: like fwd contract , and receiving % of payment at start of work but before delivery o Unfulfillment of contracts would mean no further contract from Company X o Being registered as an MM user allows company to track this

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Jill Shemin
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  • Jill Shemin April 9, 2012

    Other functions:
    • building good performance/delivery /credit history
    • companies can make bonus payments; offer incentives; etc, and drive more production, better deliveries, etc.