In My Village ...

In addition to providing information services to farmers and collecting valuable farm data for agricultural service organizations, CKWs also act as citizen journalists within their communities bringing to the world stories about rural areas that would otherwise never be covered.

The Cost of A Circumcision

By Mary Cherukut

How much do you figure a son�s circumcision ceremony costs the typical village family? Mary Cherukut a community reporter gives us some figures to work with. In her parish Kutung, Kapchorwa district, two sons from the family of Sam and Agnes Chebet were recently circumcised. The couple put out 390k for local brew needed for the festivities. The circumcisers were paid sh20k per boy. Add the food, labour and time...

Suspected Arson

By Andrew Chemonges

There is a suspected case of arson in Kwosir subcounty Kapchorwa where a late night fire completely destroyed two thatched houses belonging to Francis Sabila. Police in the area are investigating this fire which occurred in the night of 16th January. Sabila and his wife claim the the fires that gutted both huts started at the doorway

A Girl Goes Missing in the Wild

By Winnie Chebet 

A young girl from Chebonet parish, Kapchorwa went missing on the 31st of January and has not returned since. Winnie Chebet a community reporter says that the girl left her home for the forest to fetch firewood but never returned. This community of 100 is naturally saddened by the incident

American Man Pays Dowry for Sabiny Girl

By Tabitha Salimo 
The community in Kapkwirok parish, Sipi, Kapchorwa were over the weekend tickled when one of their daughters introduced a man from New York USA. Salimo Tabitha notes that the introduction was interesting because the American man took to the girl's father "all requirements for the dowry!"

Abuse of Power By Health Workers

By Stephen Yeko

In Kiriki health centre found in Greek River subcounty in Kapchorwa, health workers have unlawfully appointed their wives to administer vaccinations in the ongoing immunisation campaign. Community Reporter Steven Yeko reports that this has annoyed the community and has left the village health teams out of this community health drive.

12 girls suffer genital mutilation

By Darwin Cheptoek Mwoko

On the 13th of December, community reporter, Darwin Mwoko witnessed a female genital mutilation ritual Toswo parish Kapchorwa. He reports that 12 girls were circumcised and adds that the ritual happened because of "people's choice" and the community is happy it happened. His report echoes other recent media reports that FGM continues to illegally happen especially in Eastern Uganda 

Mysterious fires attributed to demons burn 45 huts in Kapchorwa

By CKWs; Sam Satya Milton and Irene Yapsolimo
Fire believed to be the work of demons has gutted 45 hats, 2 latrines, and clothes in three iron sheet houses at Kapchemwor village, Tuban Parish, Kapteret S/C, Kapchorwa district. The burning are happening for the 6th day running including today, 27/10/2010 Residents say that the fires come from "nowhere�. According to an influential youth, Joel Chelangat Maket, in his early 30s, this mysterious fire started on 22nd, oct.2010, at 11.00am, at the home of one, Chemaiko Stephen. One woman, Jocelyn Chelogoi tried to retrieve shs. 150,000 she said was in the pockets of one of her clothes in the house but was overwhelmed by the flames and survived getting burnt by the whisker. Asked what could have caused this inferno, Joel Chelangat Maket, said,"It's suspected that some residents could have bought "Mayembe"- some sort of spirit medium to protect themselves . He also speculates that the fires may be a retaliation arising out of some killings or embezzlement of cash anyone of the victims could have committed. Most of the victims of the fires belong to the same clan. (Oct,27th,2010)

Man shot and abandoned by game rangers in Mt. Elgon National Park

By CKWs; Charles Chebet and Tabitha Salimo
A man called Gigobi of Chepeteret village, Chepeteret Parish, Sipi sub county was shot in the leg by the game Ranger of Mt.Elgon and left bleeding in the forest. He was reportedly shot at 10.00am on 25th October, and found at 3.00pm. He was taken to Kapchorwa hospital and was later transferred to Mbale Hospital where he is being looked at by his wife. The wife who complains that she has no money or food says that Gigobi was shot because of he was got cutting a poll he meant to use for repairing his hut. The community of Sipi is angry about this incident. (Oct,29th,2010)

Ghosts invade a primary school

By CKW Doreen Yapmungusho
The community of Kirokwo parish, Kaptanya subcounty in Kapchorwa is sad, angry and confused following an incident in which ghosts allegedly invaded a primary school driving some of the pupils mad. Betty Chebet and two others only identified as Scovia and Violet are some of the pupils said to have run mad. (Oct, 29th, 2010)

Son beats father to near death

By CKW Betty Kusuro
Jamjaim Augustine Yeko, an old man in his sixties who was aspiring for LC 1 in the NRM primaries was was on the 22,10,2010, the NRM poling day, terribly beaten by his own son at the hour of 2 oclock. Sources say that Yeko�s neighbor Peter Wamala, a prominent medicine man, narrowly rescued him from being hacked to death by his son, Cherop Moses. Residents of Kaploton village, Kapsinda parish K.T.C described Cherop Moses as a habitual criminal who had just been released from prison for allegedly killing a 48 old Mugisu lady. During the near fatal incident, the young man is said to have punched the father, vandalized houses and stoned people including his sister and young children, driving them out of the homestead. Yeko, the father sustained injuries in various places and was rushed to Kapchorwa main hospital for medical attention. (Oct, 23rd, 2010)

Sipi Residents protest NRM primaries outcome

By CKW Charles Chebet
Some member of the communties of Sipi sub county on 23rd Oct, waylayed the supporters of Patrick Mutamai who was announced winner of the NRM primary as party flag-bearer for the LC 3 councilor position. These voters believe that Alexander Bukose actually won the election by 87 votes but Mutamai was announced winner after he gave money to Night Chemaget,supervisor for the subcounty on the party�s electoral commission. Bukose�s winning votes were reportedly assigned to Mutamai instead. Many people in the constituency are very annoyed and say that Mutamai will not go to the office for he used money to say to steal the election. Earlier, the party�s village chair persons, and councillors LC3 and LC5 had stormed the district HQs protesting delays in announcing election results. The Movement�s district movement personnel looked for the sub county supervisor Sipi, Chemaget and chanced upon him drinking his beers. Chamaget was taken to the police to explain why he had not announced the results but he failed to give an explanation and was held in a cell for a few minutes. He also was found with some election results on hime. The results caused two women contestants; Cherop Gertrude and Beatrice Neyone to fight. Neyone believed she had won the election but from those results saw that Chemaget was set to be announced winner All in all people see the Movement�s electoral commission as corrupted and non-transparent and are calling for its replacement.

MTN moves to include CKWs in its network of dealers

By CKW Sam Satya Milton
Mr Peter Okanyany, Eastern Regional Manager for MTN Uganda and a team of other MTN officials talked to 98 CKWS at Kapchorwa's Noah's Ark Hotel, during a meeting held 20th October by Grameen Foundation officials and urged CKWs to join its network of service providers espeicailly as part of its Easy Load airtime resell programme. He said " I'm telling you the truth, you'll reap handsomely by engaging in this venture, you'll be getting 4% on what you sell." When asked what his company was doing about areas not having MTN network, he said " I'll liaise with the technical team to find a lasting solution to those areas." (20th,Nov,2010)

Waragi Nearly Kills Three

A man and 2 women in Chekwanda, Kapchorwa are on "death point" after over drinking waragi on 30/09/10. The women, Mama Chemutai & Chesa Kodoro d/o Ramurafu, sold 2kg of coffee and the trio used all the money for drinking. The man, Satya s/o Ramuyet has been abandoned by his clan. The women are being treated with sugar & water. The community is sad and angry about this incident. Reporter: CKW Charles Chebet

Kipsiro�s Kapchorwa fans cry foul

By CKW Sam Satya Milton.
Hundreds of fans of track superstar, Moses Kipsiro, today, 20/10/2010, are accusing the organisers of a "Welcome Back Kipsiro" event of embezzling monies the fans contributed to travel to Entebbe to welcome the star. These fans say they contributed between ushs 30,000 and 50,000 respectively as transport fare between Kapchorwa and Entebbe International Airport to welcome back home the commonwealth's gold medalist, Moses Kipsiro. They later were told that the State House refunded the organizing committee for the hire of all vehicles that transported fans. The enraged fans who were witnessed screaming at the organizers in a meeting in Kapchorwa now want their money back. Badru Siwa,one of the fans says, "We need back our money because State House footed this bill." They said the chairman, Mr Rotich, had deferred the grievance to the following day when they would come together to find a solution. (Oct,20th,2010)
An Early Morning Scare
Tue, 5th, Oct at 10am, Clare Chebet, 29, of Kapsinda, Kapchorwa narrowly survived harm when a neighbour�s cow run wild, charged at her and chased her out of a communal grazing field. When the other cow belonging to Cherop Francis of Kopkwomurya, Kapchorwa charged, a screaming Ms Chebet ran for about � km before lying down in hopelessnes. The cow then just jumped over her. Hence her survival. Reporter: CKW Betty Kusuro
Independence Fight - Literally!
Today morning, in Kapleko parish, Tegeres Sub-county, a woman by names of Justine fought another one called Tausi who is apparently said to have been involved in an extra-marital affair with her husband. Tausi was going for water to the spring when she met Justine. Justine was angry that her husband is allegedly engaging in a love affair with Tausi. A quarrel started & eventually led to a fight. Tausi was so beaten badly by Justine that she was taken to Kapchorwa hospital for medication when she was by her brother-in-law, one Muhammad, a teacher of Ngangata Primary School. At the hospital, there was no doctor to attend to her so she stayed there waiting. Meanwhile, Tausi�s husband, one Yeko is not at home / is in kampala working for Uganda Police so he is not aware of what has taken place at home on the 9th/Oct /2010, a day for all the people of Uganda to celebrate their 48th Independence! Reporter: CKW Shaban Mamina
A Sad and Shocking Demise
On the day after Uganda�s 48th Independence anniversary, a man was found dead and hanging from a tree in Rarawa parish, Kapchorwa. Dison kaptikeny was an adult. The community is sad, confused and angry about this incident reports CKW Edward Cheruto.
Man Washed Away by Rain Water
On the 9/10/2010, there was confusion in Kaseko parish, Kapchorwa after Kaburred, was reportedly carried away by waters in a down pour not to be seen again. Reporter: CKW Susan Bonex
Farmer Threatens to Circumcise Thief
One Sabila William, a coffee farmer in Chepkwata parish, Kapchorwa is demanding to punish a 7 year old boy with 20 strokes of the cane for stealing coffee. The farmer accuses the boy, Juma Chemonges, of stealing coffee worth sh10,000 from his shamba to buy rolex and alleges that theft had become a habit for the boy. The accused both was tied to a coffee tree for a night and a day during which time he was beaten. Mr Sabilla also threatened to circumcise the Chemonges, a pupil of Gamatui Boys School and was found pulling the fore skin of the boy�s penis. Alarmed, Chemonges admitted to the offence and offered sh5000 to Sabilla to be freed. Chemonges� father and Sabilla are brothers�in-law. Reporter: CKW Charles Chebet
In-Laws Stone Each Other
On 13 010 2010 in Chekwanda parish, Kapchorwa, a woman married with five children stoned her father in law in the back and father-in-law ran after her and stoned her in the back too. The woman is Asha d/o Sabila Willam of Chemuron village Chekwanda parish Kapchorwa district .This happened in Chemuron village Chekwanda parish Sipi sub county Tingey county Kapchorwa. It all started when the man, Paul Cheptoek, picked coffee from a plantation on his land which Asha claims was allocated to her by the clan. When Asha saw the old man pick the coffee, he raised an alarm causing the villagers to run to the site. At the time the residents got to the scene, the stoning mentioned earlier had already happened but Cheptoek was still chasing Asha. Clans members and the villagers intervened and settled the matter. They warned Asha never to repeat such a thing and the land in question was declared belonging to the father-in-law. An act like Asha�s is abominable in Sabiny culture and is a big NO, the elders said. They warned her that if she repeats it, she will be dismissed from the home. Cheptoek vowed not to set foot in his son�s home till death. Reporter: CKW Charles Chebet
A Family Abandoned
A UPDF soldier, identified as Habib Cheptegei is being accused of neglecting his wife and children in Ngangata, Kaptanya, Kapchorwa. His wife, Cherotich Sakiya who has six children with him claims that way back in 1997 Cheptegei sold off everything that they had acquired in their household including a semi-permanent structure / house which they had in Kapchorwa Town without informing her. Thereafter, he used all the money and abandoned his family. The wife then resorted to going back to their parents home in Molok village, Ngangata parish, kaptanya sub-county, kapchorwa District with all her children. She still lives with then and the old sickly couple are still taking care of Sakiya and her children. The man reportedly does still doesn�t offer any support and has infact disappeared completely. Sakiya is currently struggling to find a home for her children now that they are growing big. Reporter: CKW Shaban Mamina
Minors Caught Stealing
14 10 2010 In Chekwanda, Kapchorwa, one Sanat, a girl of 14yrs d/o of one, Taboswa together with a boy identified as Salim s/o Siwa Bonex were caught with a stolen Nokia phone, coffee and clothes. The girl was beaten, both boy and girl were fined sh60000 and the phone was returned to the owner. The person who had bought the phone was warned not to do the same again. Reporter: CKW Charles Chebet