The CKW initiative works with and is actively seeking both local and international partners and customers in the areas of content development, data collection, CKW network building (e.g, access to farmer networks) and technology. Some of our most prominent partners to-date have included:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The CKW initiative is made possible by the generous financial support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which funded both the test of concept and the current expansion of the network. This grant envisions the creation of a high-impact, sustainable social business, working with partners and customers, and a network of CKWs across Uganda, to improve the quality of extension services delivered nationwide. The outcome of such a business will be improved yields, reduced losses and increased incomes for hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers.
  • MTN Uganda
MTN Uganda provides the technology infrastructure over which all CKW applications work and considerable financial and in-kind support for the program's implementation
  • The UN World Food Program
We are partnering with the World Food Program�s Purchase for Progress initiative in several verticals of the program including recruiting, training and supporting CKWs, developing information services and data collection. Other major NGO partners are in discussions for subsequent rollout periods
Other Supporters
  • Google
 Google has donated 110 of its high end Android G1 phones and 1000 Solio solar phone chargers to the CKW initiative. CKWs also offer farmers connection to market opportunities using Google's virtual SMS market place - Google Trader 
  • Atlassian 
The Australian maker of project management and collaboration software has offered the CKW program its tools free of use, We are using these tools to streamline our operations and save time and financial resources
  • has donated a number of free licenses of their online CRM software to the CKW initiative.