Known around the world as "the farmer�s friend�, the humble bee (Nyuki in Swahili) lands on a flower to aid its pollination coming away with nectar to make honey. So are our CKWs. They go out to the fields to give information to the farmers to help them with their crops and return with data for your organization. This data is then used to improve services or clearly pinpoint and report impact. CKW data collection services can be fully customised to meet specific needs or provided through our range of Nyuki data service packages below:
Nyuki Wings
This service package is designed for clients who need a fast and simple way to get valuable granular information for example to understand needs or monitor outcomes as a result of interventions in rural communities. Surveys here may require the CKW team to either send out direct SMS questions to farmers or design simple mobile survey applications for CKWs to administer to farmers. Nyuki Wings is suitable for clients whose research requirements fit within such parameters as:
  • Size of survey from 1-10 questions
  • At least 100 but less than 1000 respondents
  • Simple questions
  • Raw data report
Nyuki Nectar
For the client looking for more comprehensive information from the grassroots level, this is the most cost-effective service offering which allows:
  • Surveys of up to 50 questions
  • At least 1000 respondents or a village
  • Custom designed mobile survey apps with features such as multi-choice responses
  • GPS coordinates and points of interest to be captured with responses
  • Reports that include raw data, analyses and GIS features
Nyuki Royal
For full comprehensive and/or sophisticated studies, our premium package allows surveys of more than 50 questions in addition to features such as:
  • More than 10,000 respondents
  • Surveys fully administered by our well trained CKWs
  • Custom designed mobile survey apps that offer all our capabilities
  • Multimedia data can be captured in addition to GPS and respondent profiles
  • CKW team conducts any necessary training and support related to the surveys
  • Versatile survey design allowing features such as skip logic, loop, data validation etc
  • Reports include raw data, analyses, GIS, data mining and Applab archived data