Partnering with the community is important!

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Whenever AppLab launches a new project or  begins offering services in a new place we do it in full cooperation with the community.  This might mean using our rapid iterative in-community process of software design to build user centered software or in the case of the Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) model mean using meetings with the community and local authorities to build buy-in and knowledge about the CKW program.

While the positive effects of partnering with the community are many we realized a very practical effect over the past few days.  Gwoktoo Bosco, one our CKWs in the Gulu region of Uganda, lost the smartphone he uses to provide agricultural information to his neighbors.  He reported it to the local authorities who contacted him after a local resident turned the phone in.  He has the phone back now and can continue his work as a CKW.

Partnering pays off. We’re very fortunate for the community support of the generous people of Gulu!


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  • Dula

    I too an a proponent of moirifcnance, but I believe charity has it's own virtues too. While some people may be motivated by the liability a loan entails, and the dignity it mets out, there are still plenty of people who can start a business based on charity. Of course, that project will have sustainability issues (a constant stream of funds is needed), so in that context, perhaps moirifcnance wins. But by only a margin. P.S I'd love to read more posts written by you, hence I'm subscribing