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  • Cloudy, clear and a chance of thunderstorms

    Chris Smith and Gillian Evans are a husband and wife team volunteering in Uganda with Grameen Foundation through Bankers without Borders.  Chris is Strategy Manager, responsible for strategy, business planning and GF’s relationship with MTN.  Gillian is an Education Specialist responsible for developing and applying training best practices in the field and helping build the training center of excellence in Uganda.  Chris and Gillian live in Kampala with their two children and will complete a one year volunteer term on July 31, 2012.  You can read about their...

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  • Mobile Money Last-Mile Agents

    Ali Ndiwalana is Research Lead,AppLab Money Incubator, Grameen Foundation Uganda 

    Agents are critical for the success of a mobile money (MM) ecosystem; they provide an avenue for cash-in (converting cash into “e-value”) and cash-out transactions. Grameen Foundation’s AppLab Money team has been to many rural villages in our quest to better understand the needs of users, and have often encountered mobile money users, but no agents in the vicinity. When users told us they made regular transactions, we asked how they managed to do this. In many cases, it was via...

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  • Power for CKWs in Uganda

    Chris Smith and Gillian Evans are a husband and wife team volunteering in Uganda with Grameen Foundation through our Bankers without Borders® volunteer initiative.

    As part of its Mobile Agriculture initiative, which leverages the power of the mobile phone to help fight “information poverty” among poor, rural farmers, Grameen Foundation has deployed more than 850 Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) across Uganda in 20 districts, serving almost 62,000 farmers. Our CKWs use simple Huawei IDEOS smart phones that cost about $80 and run the Android software...

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  • Many Minds, Shared Vision

    Today, Grameen Foundation’s AppLab website gets a new look and takes on a new approach .  The programs are the same – you’ll still see discussions about our Community Knowledge Workers using smartphones to provide vital information to farmers, about mobile technology helping pregnant mothers learn about nutrition and prenatal care, and about services that help poor entrepreneurs earn income by selling airtime through their phones.  However, in addition to this new look, we also want to introduce a new approach we’re taking to tackling poverty – open...

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