• Congrats to OpenIDEO challenge winners using MOTECH!

    OpenIDEO along with Nokia and Oxfam recently ran a challenge on maternal health entitled “How might we improve maternal health with mobile technologies for low income countries?”  The challenge brief was:

    OpenIDEO has partnered with Oxfam and Nokia to explore how mobile technologies can be used to improve maternal health (particularly in pregnancy and childbirth). We’re asking you, the OpenIDEO community, to come up with inspirations and concepts around improving the knowledge and access to maternal health services, specifically where mobile technologies can...

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  • How Does MOTECH Make Nurses’ Lives that Much Easier?

    Jessica Osborn is Business Development Manager MOTECH, at Grameen Foundation Ghana

    MOTECH Ghana is an initiative of Grameen Foundation, Ghana Health Service and Columbia University which aims to use mobile technology to improve the quality of antenatal and postnatal care for Ghanaian women and their families. MOTECH has developed an information service called Mobile Midwife which delivers time-specific voice or text messages to pregnant mothers and their partners and families both before and after birth.  We have also built a simple java-based app that...

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  • Introducing MoTeCH to Communities One Durbar at a Time

    Kirsten Gagnaire is Project Manager MoTeCH, at Grameeen Foundation Uganda. 

    Durbars are community entry ceremonies that must be done in all of the 11 zones where we are working with Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTeCH) .  They include bringing offerings to the Chief, telling the community members about MoTeCH, dancing and hopefully getting the community members to formally “accept” MoTeCH as a valuable health service.  Durbars last for several hours, usually take place under a tree and we’re holding them for all 11 zones this week so we can...

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  • Our first MoTeCH Community Health Worker System Workshop

    Aliya Walji is Technical Program Manager, MoTeCH, at Grameen Foundation Ghana.

    In December we had our first workshop to introduce and test our mobile phone technology for MoTeCH to community health workers (CHWs) in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Prior to this workshop, much of our field research and testing has focused on building content for our “Pregnant Parents” application, but today we were focused on how MoTeCH can help practitioners deliver high quality antenatal and neonatal health care.

    Our goals for the workshop were to learn as much about the...

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  • How do AppLab Programs Get Started?

    Tim Wood is Director, Mobile Health Innovation, at Grameen Foundation Ghana.

    How do AppLab programs get started?  How do you really understand the best way to address the problems that people in poor rural communities face?  The approach we have consistently taken for AppLab projects is to conduct a broad “needs assessment” survey at the very outset of the project.  We work with experts in ethnographic research who spend hours and hours interviewing people in the field.  The end result is qualitative data which helps to guide and inform our project work.

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  • Lessons About Pregnancy and Motherhood Via Songs on a Mobile Phone?

    Jessica Osborne is Program Officer, MoTeCH, at Grameen Foundation Ghana.

    As a part of our MoTeCH initiative, we are holding content workshops to learn more about what types of information local women want and need in relation to their health. In Accra, Ghana, Eve’s Pregnancy School has offered lessons about pregnancy and motherhood to women  for over 10 years, and has seen over 2,000 mothers through safe pregnancy and delivery. The founder, Florence, gives bi-monthly classes to pregnant women and mothers; she attended our first content workshop recently and...

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  • Rapid Prototyping Goes “Up Country” with MoTeCH

    Kirsten Gagnaire is Project Manager, MoTech, Grameen Foundation Ghana.

    Since the beginning, the Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTech) team has been focusing on using rapid prototyping for figuring out what will – and won’t – work in the rural environment.  A week ago, the team headed to the poorest region in Ghana – the Upper East (UER) – to set up a series of exercises to determine whether pregnant mothers would be interested in asking questions about their pregnancy and newborn care via mobile phones. We were wanted to understand what types of...

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  • Grameen Foundation´s ICT Innovation Program – Approach and Philosophy

    David Edelstein is Director, ICT Innovation, at Grameen Foundation DC

    We officially launched our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Program two years ago, when we began our Application Laboratory (AppLab) efforts in Uganda.  This initiative, in collaboration with the mobile operator MTN and Google, built on the successful Grameen Foundation/MTN Village Phone Program.  With over 10,000 Village Phone Operators, this served as a unique testing ground for developing applications and information services tailored to the needs of the poor.  Over nearly...

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