The Resource Center is where you can see Applab in action and stay in touch with what is happening on the ground. Our team is constantly out in the field and we endeavor to document our learning, share our experiences, and display our interactions through the media links on this page. Please check back frequently for regular updates! 

AppLab Blog
The members of our team to use our blog as a place to share their insights and experiences of their work with AppLab, along with their broader perspectives on the ICT for Development sector. We invite you to check in regularly to gain a unique and personal perspective on the work that goes into bridging information gaps for the poor.
Videos and Photos
Our videos andphotos provide a unique opportunity to see first-hand the places where we work and the people who we aim to support. The AppLab field teams never go far without their cameras so visit the AppLab Uganda YouTube channel  and our Flickr for regular updates from our work on the ground.
AppLab on Twitter
Follow AppLab on Twitter and receive frequent updates on AppLab news.  You can also follow us and learn about other Grameen Foundation news on the Grameen Foundation Twitter feed.
AppLab at Conferences
Click here to learn about recent conference where AppLab staff have been invited to present and view presentations. 
The ICT for Development sector is constantly growing and innovating and we are happy to share links to some of the most active players.