Related Activities

AppLab is taking its activities beyond Uganda and has recently initiated programs in both Indonesia and Ghana.� These programs capitalize on our Ugandan experience while adapting to the social and technological realities of these two very different countries.�

Mobile Technology for Community Health�(MoTech)�
The Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTeCH) initiative began in early 2009 to determine how mobile phones could be used to improve antenatal and neonatal care in rural Ghana. The project, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focuses on developing a suite of services delivered over basic mobile phones that provides relevant health information to pregnant women and encourages them to seek antenatal care from local facilities. It also seeks to improve the quality and efficiency of care provided by community health nurses.�click here to learn more
Applab Indonesia
We launched our second AppLab, designed to meet specific needs and use scenarios in Southest Asia, in Indonesia in April, 2009. In collaboration with Qualcomm our project seeks to leverage the advances use of mobile devices to scale applications and services that respond to the needs of the poor.�� click here to find out more
Community Knowledge Worker Initiative
The Community Knowledge Worker project aims to improve information flows and knowledge dissemination for small-holder farmers, and ultimately, give them the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. Grameen Foundation is piloting the project in two regions in Uganda and is identifying, recruiting, and training rural community members to build a distributed network of Community Knowledge Workers, or CKWs.� click here to learn more