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  • The Many Faces of the Poor: Mass Market Segmentation

    Lisa Kienzle is Operations & Strategy Manager, AppLab Money Incubator , at Grameen Foundation Uganda. 

    Last year we shared the outcomes of a base-of-the-pyramid segmentation in Mexico and its implications for product development.  We now turn to Uganda, where Grameen Foundation’s AppLab Money Incubator team has studied and segmented the behaviors of rural low-income consumers to better understand the opportunities for financial services product development.

    Often I hear organizations say that they intend to serve the poor.  But when 80% of a market is...

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  • Mobile Money Last-Mile Agents

    Ali Ndiwalana is Research Lead,AppLab Money Incubator, Grameen Foundation Uganda 

    Agents are critical for the success of a mobile money (MM) ecosystem; they provide an avenue for cash-in (converting cash into “e-value”) and cash-out transactions. Grameen Foundation’s AppLab Money team has been to many rural villages in our quest to better understand the needs of users, and have often encountered mobile money users, but no agents in the vicinity. When users told us they made regular transactions, we asked how they managed to do this. In many cases, it was via...

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  • Defining the design problem for financial inclusion

    Dr. Olga Morawczynski is Project Manager, AppLab Money Incubator, Grameen Foundation Uganda.

    Most pieces on design state a vitally important fact – if you want a good design outcome, you must clearly define the problem behind the search for a solution. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. A well-defined and broadly framed problem allows for the emergence of ideas that push the boundaries of what is possible and opens up the creative spaces from which breakthrough products can emerge. In short, the more widely you cast your net, the more ideas that you...

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