The Difference a CKW Makes 


For a long time, Charles Mukonyi of Gamatui parish in Kapchorwa had a problem with his chickens � the hens died off soon after hatching new ones. Three months ago he was advised by Tabitha Salimo a Community Knowledge Worker to change the hay for every newly incubating hen to stop the spread of disease from hen to hen. Charles has not lost a hen since! Read more 

CKWs: A New Agricultural Extension Channel 

Grameen Foundation believes that a network of Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) can use cutting edge mobile technology to take agricultural extension and advisory services to the most remote, hardest to reach and often poorest farmers and thereby empower them out of poverty. We are building such a network in Uganda. You are welcome to explore our work.

CKWs also act as ReadySet entrepreneurs. Click here to view video.

Data Collection
Leading agricultural organizations like the UN World Food Program are working through our network of CKWs to learn about about farmer's conditions, needs and practices. Mobile data collection has for many of these organizations proved cheaper, faster and more versatile that traditional paper form research. See more on how your organization can tap into our deep network for its data needs

Sept 8th, 2010: Applab Uganda Recieves Peer Recognition
It has been a positively affirming past fortnight for Applab Uganda. On two occassions, the initiative and its work has received positive recognition both from local and international application developers. See more here

Information Services
Agricultural extension organizations and other expert bodies that generate and distribute farming knowledge are now instantaneously disseminating it to far flung farmers through our mobile handset-enabled CKW network. NARO and FIT Uganda are just two of our content partners. Work through us. Get your information out to farmers who need it. See what we are currently informing farmers on

We are happy to share our cutting edge technology or even innovate for other mobile for development projects. Click for a sneak preview of what we have to offer.