Applications Deployed

AppLab focuses on applications that promote social and economic empowerment for poor communities that lack reliable access to information.  So far we have focused on health and agriculture as these are the areas where our target groups have expressed the greatest needs.  Other areas where AppLab could potentially work in the future include financial services and education, among others.
Our weather application provides farmers with access to highly localized, up-to date weather forecasts, allowing them to make informed decisions on important issues like field preparation, planting, harvesting, and transport.  Check out our Weather page for more details.
The Health Tips and Clinic Finder Application educates users by answering common questions about sexual and reproductive health, and also provides a searchable directory of health facilities to make it easier for users to find appropriate medical assistance. Check out our Health page for more details.
Our Agricultural services provide farmers with valuable information like market prices and agricultural tips and advice.  In addition, our simple mobile phone based bulletin board system allows buyers and sellers to find one another directly so that they can avoid middlemen.  Check out our Agriculture page for more details.