Health Applications Deployed

Clinic Finder and Health Tips (Powered by Google SMS)
Provides users with timely, trusted, accurate and actionable information on sexual and reproductive health as well as information on clinic locations. more...
Clinic Directory and Health Tips (Powered by Google SMS)

AppLab works with Marie Stopes Uganda, a leading international service provider for sexual and reproductive healthcare, and Straight Talk Foundation, a Ugandan NGO specializing in health communication, to offer health information services. In Uganda there is high demand for information about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health more generally. People expressed a need for accurate information, to dispel local myths and help them make informed decisions. AppLab�s health application provides users with timely, trusted, accurate, and actionable information on sexual and reproductive health. This information helps healthy individuals stay healthy, assists sick individuals in locating and accessing treatment, and supports recovering patients who have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment. The application also provides information on sexual dysfunction, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive topics pertinent to adolescents, such as body changes and sexual abstinence.

In efforts to promote prevention, the health application provides information on sexually transmitted diseases, family planning methods, and maternal health best practices. To assist those who have, or think they may have, contracted an illness, the Clinic Finder offers a directory providing the details of local clinics, including the types of services offered as well as days and hours of operation for outreach services. The application also enables patients to find answers to questions that arise after treatment.
To test out an interactive simulator of the Clinic Directory and Health Tips mobile application, click here.
The posters below are marketing materials that teach people how to use the service.  They are printed in the local language (Luganda)