Research and Testing

The Application Laboratory began its work in Uganda by conducting ethnographic and needs assessment research. This research provided insights into the information needs and demands of the rural poor and continues to guide application development. In addition, the AppLab continually evaluates applications and business models to ensure that new information services yield positive social and economic benefits for rural communities and are locally relevant and sustainable.

AppLab testing employs rapid prototyping and other innovative approaches to quickly assess an application�s potential.The insights gained during rapid prototyping inform the design of the most useful and appropriate mobile services to address specific needs in the local context. The AppLab also conducts trials, such as the connected netbook trial, to test new business models and services.The AppLab pilots each of its applications to improve their usefulness and identify those with the greatest potential. At the AppLab, we believe in �failing fast,� discovering the most promising applications quickly and channeling energy and resources towards applications with the greatest potential to improve the lives and livelihoods of the poor.

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