Sean Dewitt
AppLab Indonesia Technical Program Manager
At Grameen Foundation, Sean currently oversees the local public-private partnerships, manages the AppLab R&D effort to build mobile services to improve the livelihoods of the undeserved, and is responsible for the growth of the local implementing partner Ruma, a social enterprise serving the poor with microfranchise business opportunities. Sean joined Grameen Foundation with 10 years experience in the public, nonprofit and private sector. Sean holds a bachelors degree in Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters in Development Finance from the University of London.

Farid Maruf

AppLab Indonesia Technology Manager

Farid brings over 22 years of experience providing IT solutions to the table, covering a wide area of business including large scale manufacturing, financial and investment, retail and consumer goods, telecommunication, consulting, and education. He has a strong academic background with advanced degree in business majoring in financial management with a special focus on corporate finance (MBA and Drs). Farid has an excellent track record in designing and implementing development programs, including in cultivating Public Private Partnerships. He has worked with USAID, AusAID, World Bank and a number of commercial entities working in various technical and leadership roles.


Anggun Himawan
AppLab Indonesia R&D Manager
Anggun has more than ten years professional experience in business solution industry with track record of successfully leading complex enterprise-level projects. Anggun has significant experience managing the software development lifecycle in multiple roles. His most recent assignment was with DNK (Digital Network Knowledge), a Satellite telecommunication provider in the role of Business Manager, Web & Multimedia Solution. In 2009, Anggun won a $10,000 prize in the Yahoo Mobile Developer Award competition - a prestigious mobile competition with over 70 teams competing.
Ellen Sasha
AppLab Indonesia Operations Manager
Ellen oversees all field operations related to KerjaLokal and the Top-Up application. Her personal, thoughtful approach and attention to detail earned her a promotion to the Operations Manager position in July 2010. Ellen has coordinated various field activities over her working career, from Avian Influenza surveys to voter education campaigns. Ellen holds a bachelors degree in Political Science and diploma in Communication Science from the University of Indonesia.
Harry Tjahyadi
AppLab Indonesia Social Enterprise Development Manager
Harry has extensive experience in capacity building with microfinance institutions with his experience with CARE International, Grameen Foundation and as a management consultant for a local auditing firm. Harry also brings a strong academic background with his Masters degree in Finance (pending his dissertation). Harry�s work is very much guided by his passion for helping the poor in Indonesia.
Firda Astriyani
AppLab Indonesia Program Administration Assistant
Firda joined Grameen Foundation in February 2009 as our Program Administrator. She assists the Indonesia team with administrative tasks related to operations, HR and finance. Prior to joining Grameen Foundation, Firda had worked for several organizations both local and international, including HSBC Bank, Hyatt and Novotel. Firda says that she really loves her job because for her being a secretary/admin is very dynamic. She not only deals with the necessary paperwork but also interacts with many people. Moreover, she feels that her work in GF challenges her to be more creative and take initiative. She is happy to be part of the team!
Miranti Dwi Sasanti
AppLab Indonesia Operations Field Officer
Miranti Dwi Sasanti just finished her studies at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Sociology. She has interest in social issues in Indonesia, especially related to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). She is eager to learn about community development and research methodologies. Miranti has strong motivation and passion to learn new things and loves travelling. She joined in Grameen Foundation in September 2010 as a field officer. Her field experience during college and as a freelancer have taught her how to best interact with people in the village communities.
Reinmer Rendly Gorianto
AppLab Indonesia Social Enterprise Development Field Officer
Rei has just joined with Grameen Foundation in October 2010. He graduated from Darma Persada University majoring in Marketing Management. His working experience thus far has been in the field, supporting marketing efforts for various companies. He is very happy to be part of the team as he has strong passion to help poor people.
Elizabeth Liza Dina
AppLab Indonesia KerjaLokal Call Center Agent
Elizabeth Dina Krisnawati, joined in Grameen Foundation as a Call Center Agent. She is responsible for calling potential clients and convincing them to post jobs into the Kerjalokal system. Elizabeth enjoys working with Grameen Foundation because she wants to help connect poor people to better jobs and better lives. Before she joined with Grameen Foundation she had worked at CITIBANK Corporation as Citiphone Officer Executive Banking.
Indri Meliana
AppLab Indonesia KerjaLokal Call Center Agent
Indri Meliana graduated from the University of Darma Persada majoring in Japanese Literature. She joined Grameen Foundation in September 2010 as Call Center Agent for KerjaLokal. She used to work as a call center agent at Jasnita Telekomindo (Telecom Company). She is proud to be part of this project because many people can be helped by KerjaLokal.
Rosi Dwi Astuti
AppLab Indonesia KerjaLokal Call Center Agent
Rossy Dwi Astuti joined Grameen Foundation in September 2010 as call center agent. She worked with PT. MNC SKY VISION (INDOVISION) before, one of the largest television broadcast providers in Indonesia.
Umardani Harahap
AppLab Indonesia Office Assistant
Umardani supports Grameen Foundation by maintaining the office as a productive place to work. He also helps the Finance and Administration teams by delivering key documents, buying office supplies and going to the bank. Before joining Grameen Foundation, he was a building cleaner. He is glad to be an important part of Grameen Foundation's team in Indonesia.
Muchamad Solehudin
AppLab Indonesia Driver
Soleh knows all the streets in Jakarta and out in the field. He joined Grameen Foundation in November 2009. With his honest and warm personality he becomes not only a driver but also a good friend to talk with when we are stuck in the middle of traffic.

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