AppLab’s Initial Social-Impact Measurement Efforts Pay Off

From a recent post on the Grameen Foundation blog:

Eric Cantor has led Grameen Foundation’s AppLab efforts in Uganda for the past three years, and continues to serve as an advisor on the project.

Grameen Foundation takes outcome measurement seriously.  We want to make sure that our programs and services are effective, and that we can demonstrate their benefits before implementing programs or practices on a wider scale or urging others to replicate them.

With this in mind, we recently completed one of the first randomized control trials designed to assess the impact of a mobile phone-driven health service aimed at improving the lives of the poor.  The service we sought to measure was Health Tips, part of the Google SMS suite launched throughout Uganda in 2009 with our partners Google and MTN Uganda.  Our social impact partner Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) performed the study.

Read the rest of Eric’s blog post by following this link.

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One Response to “AppLab’s Initial Social-Impact Measurement Efforts Pay Off”

  1. Dr. Kevin Fleming says:

    Good day. My name is Dr. Kevin Fleming and I am President/CEO of an innovative neuroscience-based behavior change consultancy firm called Grey Matters International, Inc. and we leverage neuroplasticity information for enhancing decision making for leaders. We are now,by request from Ambassador G. Hope Wallace, advisor to Obama, to get involved with a similar mobile phone technology project to help the orphans in India and Africa.

    I am wanting to speak with a key individual who can assist me in developing my unique “brain changing” content to best be of value and provide the most impact on projects like this. This is indeed new to me, but my indeed aligned with my social justice passions (BA, MA, and PhD from Notre Dame, If there are some gurus who can best assist me in my knowledge to make my content fit i would love to have access to them for a consult or two. Thank you so much!!!!!

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